15% Fans Have Never Listened to a Full Album

Streaming service Deezer checked the UK’s listening habits for ‘National Album Day’.

A recent survey of more than 2,000 adults in the UK found that 42% post their favorite songs on playlists. And most people under the age of 25 are more likely to post their music in playlists than listen to an album.

It is striking that the study showed that 15% of music lovers under 25 years old never listened to a full album. Not once in a lifetime – although keep in mind that this is limited to the UK.

When asked why their listening behavior changed, half said they were busy with life and lack of time to listen. Dieser’s own statistics seem to confirm this. The number of album plays in the UK is only 17 minutes per day, which is below the world average of 26 minutes per day.

However, this is not all sad news. At least 82% of the participants listened to the whole album from beginning to end. The best places to listen to the full album are at home (53%), car travel (32%) or for a walk (14%). Perhaps declaring the album “dead” or “dying” is too black and white, although the format is clearly in decline.

Deezer found some interesting differences in how men and women also listen to music.
The study showed that men more often listen to the album as the performer intended. 27% of listeners play the album from beginning to end 30 – 30% of men and only 23% of women do it.

Live events are also a huge driver for album consumption. 74% of respondents confirmed that they often listen to the album after a live performance of the artist. 32% of listeners said they listened to an artist’s album before attending a live performance.

A Deezer can confirm this statistic by seeing a 30 percent increase in British Backstreet Boys flows after a concert in Glasgow.

Here is another one from the left margin. Scots most often listen to whole albums. 90% of Scottish listeners said they prefer whole albums to listening to playlists.

So perhaps the albums are not dying (yet), but they are certainly less popular in the UK than anywhere else.

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